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Providing the pre-requisite courses needed to qualify to take the state exam. For both Sales Agents and Brokers License Qualification. For those getting their Sales Agents license we now include e-books to view online as well as hardcopy textbooks so students can get started immediately. Course Descriptions.
Real Estate Weekend Crash Course
Specializing Only In Real Estate Licensing
We do not have programs for other states, nor do we provide other licensing programs such as Insurance, Contractor or Appraisal licensing. Four generations of our family have specialized exclusively in preparing students to pass the CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE SALES AGENT AND BROKER LICENSE EXAM. This has been our complete focus for over 75 years!
Real Estate Weekend Crash Course
State's Top Instructor - Over 35 Years Experience
Our Head Instructor is the leading expert on the California Real Estate License Exam and has been teaching longer than anyone else in the field. Head Instructor's Bio
Real Estate Weekend Crash Course
Less Study... "Results In Half The Time"
When preparing for the state exam, rather than reading through the 1350+ pages of Qualification Course material, Our Head Instructor has extracted all the pertinent information and put it into an easy to read 178 page "Exam Review Guide" outline, focused to the state exam.
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Access PowerPrep Online! PC, Mac and Tablets
The most complete program of its kind! While competitive programs are very limited…Our license preparation program integrates the use of 7-1/2 hrs of classroom video, exam subject matter, interactive testing with 2000 Q&As and a special audio to listen to on the day of the state exam..
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Your Own Personal Tutor and Chat Support
Our Head Instructor makes himself personally available by providing his personal contact number to be used at anytime to counsel students and answers questions throughout the entire study process. 24/7 Live Chat support is also avaliable to point you in the right direction concerning any other issues.
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Highest Pass Rate
We truly believe that we nearly have a 100% passing rate for those who have taken the time to study our entire program. Of course that scenario that doesnt always happen, along with the fact that not all our students report back to us with their results. To best determine our success we would come closer to an accurate figure by basing it on refunds we issue, which are very few. Based on those numbers, we believe our overall pass rate to be in the high 90% range.
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The Ultimate Money Back Guarantee
Use our Prep Program and if you don't pass your state exam, we'll refund the entire amount you paid for our program plus the fee you paid to take your state exam. Applies to programs that include hardcopy materials. Examples: Sales Program refund would be $95 plus $60 application fee. Broker refund would be $119 plus $95.
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The Lowest Prices On The Internet
We are constantly researching other schools pricing structures to allow us to choose pricing on our programs to be the most competitive. Currently all of our programs are the lowest in comparison for the amount of materials and quality you receive in our package, resulting in offering our students the best overall programs at the lowest prices.

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If you are new and looking for information on getting a Real Estate License to become a Sales Agent. We have fast and easy Career Express packages to get you started and on your way to a new exciting career.
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Sales Agent License
Online Real Estate Study Program
For those who have Sales Agent experience or have satisfied certain requirements may go directly for a Real Estate Broker License. We have fast and easy Executive Career packages to get you started.
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Broker's License
California Realtor License

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